The Power Industry

Unlocking the Digital Value for Power Providers, Globally

The Power Industry

The SEW Advantage

The industry is going through some very significant changes. Today, most companies see expanding opportunities to address their customers’ digital needs, explore new ways to manage and control their energy use and costs, all the while managing operations efficiently.

Smart Energy Water partners with global power providers to help them meet their current and future demands by delivering digital solutions and build future-ready businesses.​

Our play in the power industry enable modernization of business processes, improve customer satisfaction, through adoption of new technologies. We have worked with the major global power providers and have delivered transformational benefits.

With the growing opportunities and emerging trends, we are focused on delivering value through innovation in these areas.

Deliver Digital Self Service

Our self-service platforms provide customers with a more convenient experience that saves time and empowers them, by allowing the customers to be involved and determine the level of service they get.

Energy Efficiency and Analytics

We deliver customers with an enhanced visibility into their energy consumption through intuitive, rich reports that guide them through an energy efficient journey and help them find additional savings hidden in their usage.

Smart Home Management

We enable customers to easily manage their smart home devices, including smart thermostats, through the convenience of a mobile app. This allows for optimum energy usage of their home appliances, ensuring both cost and energy savings.

Demand Response Management

We encourage customers to shift usage to non-peak hours in exchange for rebates and incentives to maintain service reliability and cost-efficiency.

Commercial and Enterprise Customer Solutions

By anticipating customer’s needs and embracing disruptive technology, our next-generation solutions help enterprises evolve at a rapid pace to build future-proof businesses.


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