Smart City

Driving Innovation for Smart Cities to deliver a Sustainable Future

Smart City

The SEW Advantage

Smart Energy Water delivers digital solutions that enable smart cities to use technology and data, purposefully to make better decisions and provide a better quality of life for its citizens. Our digital solutions allow cities to respond more effectively and dynamically to the needs and desires of its residents by enabling them to optimize their energy, water, and gas resources. We are focused on improving outcomes for residents by enlisting their active participation in shaping the places; they call home. And energy, water, gas providers are integral to smart cities, part of the societal fabric. That puts them in a unique position to help develop smart cities. With our digital solutions, service providers can connect neighborhood infrastructure to synergistically improve operational excellence, enhance revenue potential, and promote sustainable lifestyles.

By adopting our digital solutions, we help smart cities deliver quality of services to the community they service now and, in the future, to come.

Electric Vehicles

Our platform offers EV capabilities that spans across EV charging operations, energy management, and self- service tools, that empowers user to reduce usage during the peak hours and self- service tools.

Generate Unrealized Potential

Our digital solutions provide AI and ML driven customer, workforce and operational analytics, that help analyze and monitor customer behavior, workforce performance and back-end capabilities to improve decision making and deliver better services.

Enhance Urban Quality of Life

Our solution provide smart cites with digital intelligence that can be leveraged to solve public problems and deliver a higher quality of life to the citizens.

Data-driven Decision Making

Our solutions enable real-time data collection and visualization. And, comprehensive, real-time customer insights provide the ability to watch events as they unfold. Understand how customer patterns are changing and respond faster with ease.

Enhanced Social Connectedness

Our digital solutions facilitate realtime, two-way interactions between the customers and service providers to make them more responsive. Improved interaction would also enable residents to feel more connected towards their local community.

A Cleaner, Substainable Environment

With cities facing challenges to tackle high water and energy usage, our solution provided capabilities to track and monitor usage, home water and energy reports, to nudge people toward conservation and reduce consumption.

Efficient Operations, Lower Cost of Living

Our digital solutions accelerate a wave of automation to eliminate inefficiencies, improve operations and deliver superior customer service.


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