Putting Citizens at the Center of

Smart City Initiatives

AI-Powered Digital Platforms Transforming the Quality of Life

Meeting Citizens’ Digital Experience Demands

Smart Energy and Water

Our platforms enable cities to integrate digital self service and implement dynamic energy  and water management strategies, shaping resilient and eco-friendly city


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AI and Automation Advancements
Smart Homes and Buildings

Redefining living with smart home and building technologies as it enhance residential and commercial experiences.

Leveraging our platform, cities are enabled create connected and intelligent living spaces- whether by integrating DERs, digital tools, analytics, and more. 

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5G Expansion and Adoption

With our innovative platforms and services, cities are implementing electric vehicle infrastructure and AI-powered customer experiences

to build sustainable transportation

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Personalized Customer Experiences
Personalization and Omnichannel

Personalization and omnichannel approaches prioritize user experiences and results in enhanced services. Through our

tailored communication channels and integrated platforms, residents and businesses benefit from seamless and user-centric interactions in cities.

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Omnichannel Customer Engagement
Smart City Operations

To improve livability and foster digital excellence the experience platform streamline operations and help cities ensure efficient

citizen participation with online public services

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Omnichannel Customer Engagement
Digital Citizens

Fostering digital citizenship, cities leverage technology for active citizen engagement. Through our platforms, mobile applications,

and interactive tools, residents actively connect with utilities and government organizations. 

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Powered by AI/ML

Powering Innovation for Smarter Cities with #1 Digital Platforms

SEW seamlessly intertwines the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) with advanced mobile and digital engagement technologies, delivering intelligent and adaptable connected experiences for Smart Cities. Our state-of-the-art cloud-based digital platforms empower city administrators to redefine the citizen experience, cultivating a distinctive digital advantage to municipal and government services. Gain intelligent insights fostering connected and intelligent experiences within Smart Cities.


Rise in Adoption of Sustainable Solutions


Increase in Citizen Engagement


Reduction in Response Time

Entering the Multiverse of Mixed Reality

In the Spotlight

Transforming the Energy and Water Ecosystem and Achieving the Mission Sustainability

Discover how artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the energy and water industry, driving sustainability and reshaping our future. Explore AI's role in net-zero transitions, responsible value chains, and enhancing human experiences. Join us on a journey toward a greener future with AI as our guide.

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Powered by #1 SmartWX Platform

Optimizing Workforce Management for Smart Cities

Discover the future of urban management with our cutting-edge Digital WX Platform tailored for smart cities. We empower city administrators by deploying advanced solutions, automating critical processes, and setting new standards in service management. With our digital solutions, service providers can connect neighborhood infrastructure to synergistically improve operational excellence, enhance revenue potential, and promote sustainable lifestyles.


Increase in Work Order
Completion Rate


Reduction in Service
Response Time


Accuracy in Predictive

Customer Experience

38 Districts, 28 Lakh Customers, 1 unified Digital CX Platform

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Outage Management

Winning Story of Improving Customer Satisfaction and Experience during Service Outages - Case Study of a Public Utility

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Workforce Management

Digitizing Field Workforce Management With An Integrated WX Platform For An Electric Provider

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Powered by SmartIX

Turning Data into Actionable Intelligence

SmartiX is the pioneering AI and ML-driven analytics platform tailored for smart cities. SmartIX empowers cities to harness insights from diverse data streams, enabling automation of essential processes and offering tailored analysis for citywide use cases. By integrating AI, ML, and IoT technologies, SmartiX transforms data into actionable intelligence, fostering smarter decision-making and optimizing operational efficiency for sustainable city management.

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