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Smarter Utility Workforce Scheduling and Dispatching

Our Smart Scheduling and Dispatching Platform allows utilities to intelligently automate the work order assignment to the field workforce. The platform offers intelligent planning of tasks and work orders to optimize field crew efficiency and reduce the meantime on the field.

By providing a logical way to manage vast territories as well as schedules for work orders, the platform allows for better utilization of resources to ensure efficient and cost-effective service delivery.

  • Optimize the work order scheduling process with both manual and auto-scheduling
  • Leverage drag and drop scheduler to minimize idle time and manage worker availability/shifts
  • Narrow down field worker pool with a skillset search and find the nearest technician to a service call
  • Generate accurate time to completion using insights from historical data
  • Maintain real-time connectivity between customers and workforce with tech-en-route location tracking
  • Dispatch field workers based on configurable rule-based engine and prepare for rapid auto response during emergencies
  • Simplify complex scheduling with Gantt chart and map view of worker
  • Benefits from the powerful reporting and business intelligence to optimize your field crew efficiency
  • Define SLAs for timeslot management and generate SLA compliance reports
  • Integrate seamlessly with third-party tools and applications

Platform Benefits

  • Improve Workforce Productivity
  • Increase Work Order Completion Rate
  • Minimize Time and Reduce Manual Processes
  • Enhance Decision-making with AI/ML Analytics
  • Increase Resource and Asset Utilization
  • Improve Time of Resolution