The Solar Industry

Advancing Solar Power with Powerful Digital Solutions

The Solar Industry

The SEW Advantage

Smart Energy Water combines years of industry and technology expertise to improve reliability, enhance operations and innovate business processes to further solar power. By harnessing the power of digital, service providers can drastically improve solar performance and the scale for growth.
Our best-in-class customer experience (CX) and mobile workforce engagement platform, are playing a crucial role in advancing clean energy and helping service providers achieve their sustainability goals. Combine this with our robust AI/ML/IoT analytics platform and businesses can be rest assured of their preparedness to meet the demands of a solar-dominated future.

With our digital solutions, we help businesses become future-ready and advance solar power.

Deliver Digital Self Service

Through our platforms, we empower customers with robust utility account management, manage billing and payments, receive alerts and notifications across multitude digital channels, track solar generation and energy usage so that they get the choice, control and convenience of service.

Offer Personalized Solar Programs

Offer your customers, convenient enrollment for solar programs anytime. And leverage data-driven insights from AI-based customer behavioral and operational analytics to offer personalized solar programs to all customer segments.

Advance Community Solar Initiatives

Provides customers access to renewable energy by offering community solar programs and reduce energy costs. Encourage user to produce solar power by providing net metering credits.

Track Solar Generation and Energy Usage

Give customers freedom to track solar generation over timely intervals. Allow net energy usage to be tracked and compared by customers.

Comprehensive Generation Analytics

Leverage the powerful AI/ML/IoT analytics to understand customers’ behavior and drive solar generation insights. Educate customers to adopt solar and advance clean energy goals.

Digital Marketplace for Improved Adoption

Offer your customers the convenience to purchase solar products through a digital marketplace and improve solar adoption. Target customers with personalized incentives and rebates.


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