Damage Assessment

Proactive and Predictive Assessment for Reliable Service Delivery

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Proactive and Predictive Assessment for Reliable Service Delivery

Leverage our digital platform to inform and connect with field workforce, streamline damage assessment, and optimize outages management for immediate service restoration and building superior workforce experiences.

  • Stay connected with the field workers via mobile app to make immediate, informed decisions on a restoration plan
  • Aggregate data from the field, create work orders, schedule and dispatch workers to fasten the damage restoration process
  • Get damage and outages reports,determine crew locations in real-time to optimize restoration strategy
  • Build connected customer- workforce experiences by streamlining outage restoration information
  • Leverage interactive dashboards to identify outage event, manage assessment for a proactive response
  • AI/ML powered reporting and analytics for comprehensive damage assessment in utility service area

Platform Benefits

  • Faster Restoration Times
  • Streamlined Work Order Management
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Intelligent Scheduling and Dispatching