Smart Home Management

Transforming Energy-Water Experiences for Billions with Industry-Leading Smart Home Management Platform

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Optimize Customer Experiences with End-to-end Smart Home Capabilities

Nearly every facet of a modern home can be controlled with smart technology. It is the time to connect customers and empower them to control a wide range of smart home devices. Whether it is the smart thermostats to smart showers, sprinklers and water purifiers and smart appliances, customers need a platform that makes them smart to manage their homes and optimize energy-water usage.

SEW’s Smart Home platform is powered by AI/ML and IoT enabled appliances and voice-command systems, to create smart and connected homes that ensure secure, comfort, smart and sustainable living. The platform offers insights into customer patterns and usage behaviour thus enabling accurate recommendations that help end customers, experience their smart systems in most efficient manner.

  • Allow customers to smartly manage home in one place. Integrate and connect experience with smart meter and IoT devices such as thermostats, voice assistants (Google Home, Siri, Alexa), smart showers, sprinklers, etc.
  • Allow customers to optimize energy and water usage by being aware of consumption in real time, through AI/ML powered reports and analytics
  • Provide a secure location and let customers be in the know of what is happening in thier home. The platform allows customers to check and control devices, even while they are away - to remotely enable or disable devices
  • Life becomes easier with smart devices that learn from customer behavior, understand external factors and energy pricing in real-time to deliver best experience in an efficient manner
  • Enable customers to receive incentives for participating on smart home programs. Improve adoption of demand-side management programs
  • Through ongoing engagement, let customer become energy-water-aware and recognize opportunities to optimize, maintain, repair and save
  • Integrate the experience with distributed energy resources
  • Send customers, notifications and alerts over their channels of choice including text, email, IVR, chatbots, push etc.
  • Aggregate smart home data, powered by AI/ML/IoT analytics to improve load forecasting and grid optimization
  • Improve Energy and Water Disaggregation results for customers and become their trusted advisors

Platform Benefits

  • Data-backed Asset Management
  • Increase ROI for each asset
  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Maximize Asset Utilization
  • Increase Customer Savings
  • Deliver Digital Self Service