Adding Intelligence to Outage Management with Connected Customer and Workforce Experiences

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Prepare. Track. Restore. Communicate.

Utilities have to be prepared for weather fluctuations, extreme events, growing network complexity, emergency disruptions, excavation digging, damage from the public. Best-in-class technology is required to deliver the best for their utility customer while taking regulatory constraints into account to accelerate the recovery of outages and obtain more accurate estimates


    Prepare grid operators & field personnel for real-life scenarios


    Identify and track outages, their impact, and restoration time in real-time


    Improve control room decisions to help in restoration activities through data analysis and information flow


    Have customers informed about the restoration process in real-time

Excelling The Connected Customer and Workforce Experiences

Excelling The Connected Customer and Workforce Experiences

Minimize outage impact via an improved understanding of event scenarios, scaling restoration activities, and keeping everyone (customers, regulators, local government & utility stakeholders) informed. With SEW’s Outage Management Platform, the utility can keep customers informed and empower the workforce to best manage outage situations.

Perfecting Customer Experience During Outages

By Giving Customers - Control. Convenience. Choice.

  • Allow customers to report outages with a single click and intuitive map view & UI. Empower them to receive real-time service updates
  • Empower customers to receive real-time service updates
  • Allow customers to view interactive outage maps of current and planned outages in an area with weather overlay
  • Share restoration time, number of impacted customers, assigned crew, status updates and more
  • Manage and share outage notifications with customers across channels such as Email, IVR, Push, Text, Live Chat and Chatbots, to build consistent and omnichannel communication strategy
  • Deliver real-time and reliable communication to customers when it matters most

Intelligent Alerts & Notifications

Giving customers’ choice and control over how, when and where they receive outages alerts - Communications that were never this simple and easy!

Chatbot/ Live Chat
LinkedIn/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram

Empowering Workforce for Reliable Service Delivery

Trace. Search. Restore and Communicate

  • Our Workforce Platform provides a connected experience with the ability to assign and expediate the restoration task through Integrated Work Order Generation, AI enabled Scheduling and Dispatching, Tech En Route, Pre Route-Optimization, and more
  • Schedule and dispatch field workforce to resolve outage queries and give customers power to track the workforce location and get service updates
  • Leverage the ability to automate severe storm alerts and closures with 24*7 customer support availability
  • Comply with regulations and government mandates

The Utility Advantage

  • Increase customer satisfaction and maintain customer goodwill
  • Harness customer data to improve service interactions
  • Deliver connected digital customer and workforce experiences
  • Improve operational efficiency and resilience
  • Enhance proactive and real-time communication
  • Reduce restoration times by dispatching crews sooner in the right location and at the right time